Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, United States

Study and Research Opportunities in the Netherlands

In close cooperation with the local Science Attache community, the European Union organized the Destination Europe conference in San Francisco on December 6 and 7 to inform students, researchers and innovators about opportunities to study, perform research and work in Europe. The conference included a special session dedicated to the Netherlands.

Ranked third in the number of citations per publication, the Netherlands has a high “academic footprint.” The Netherlands is also well connected to the rest of the world, exemplified by the fact that more than half of all scientific output is the result of international collaboration. The Dutch exploratory and entrepreneurial nature creates a stimulating environment for students, researchers, and scientists in a very international environment, be it in academia, in industry, or at the crossroads of the two.

The breakout session consisted of three main topics:

You can find the presentation slides here.

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